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Animal Projects (SAEs)

2015-2016 Cypress Woods CFISD Livestock Show Champions

GRAND STEER - Kendall Wallace - Crane Rental Division Inc. $42,500
RESERVE STEER - Ariana Kinnett - Jarrar & Company Inc. $25,000
GRAND SWINE - Nathaniel Henley - Joe Myers Ford $30,000
RESERVE SWINE - Ryan McShaffry - Conda Maze JRP LLC $20,000
GRAND SHEEP - Katherine Keilers - Jarrar & Company Inc. $9,000
RESERVE BROILER - Kade Kramr - Flying M Feed Co. $8,500
RESERVE TURKEY - Kendall Wallace - Jarrar & Company Inc. $7,000


What is an SAE?

A Supervised Agricultural Experience or SAE program is a hands-on, real-life agricultural career preparation experience tied to agricultural science curriculum, student aptitudes, interests and career and educational goals, and to the agricultural industry. It ties together the entire agricultural education experience. There are 4 types of SAEs, and raising an animal project is defined as the "Ownership/Entrepreneurship" SAE. For more information about SAEs, CLICK HERE.

Animal Ownership for the CFISD Livestock Show

 For those Cypress Woods FFA Members who are interested in owning and raising an animal for their Supervised Agricultural Experience, please familiarize yourself with the CFISD Livestock Show Association WEBSITE. There are several aspects to consider when raising an animal project, such as expenses, housing, transportation and time commitments. The Cypress Woods Ag Teachers will inform all students of what to expect of this rewarding, irreplaceable learning experience throughout the school year.

Please read these important factors to consider before choosing an animal project:

- The Cypress-Fairbanks ISD Livestock Show will be held on February 2-4, 2017 at the CFISD Exhibit Center on 11206 Telge Rd, Cypress, TX 77429.

- In order to raise an animal project, students must be enrolled in an agri-science class at least one semester of the current school year. It is highly recommended to enroll in both semesters, as important information pertaining to animal projects is continually announced in class throughout the year. Information will be sent electronically as well. Students must also be a paid Cypress Woods FFA Member and owe no fines or fees to our chapter.

- All parents and students are cautioned to carefully read and understand the CFISD Livestock Show RULE BOOK. To participate in the CFISD Livestock Show, all parents and students must agree to abide by the rules and regulations, as they are strictly enforced. 

- It is the responsibility of the student to find and secure housing for their animal project(s). Animal projects may be raised on nearby private property or at one of the CFISD Barns. Cypress Woods students may apply to house one steer, hog, sheep or goat at the TELGE BARN (Please read and understand the barn RULES before applying). Heifers, broilers, turkeys and rabbits are not housed at any CFISD facility, but at the student's home or nearby property.
- Projects entered in the CFISD Livestock Show satisfy the Supervised Agricultural Experience or SAE, which is required by all students enrolled in an Agri-Science class. Therefore, teacher supervision and student documentation (RECORD BOOK) is required. It is suggested for all students to keep all receipts that correspond with each project for easy documentation. Completed, up-to-date record books, which are graded by the Ag Teachers, are required for students to receive their payment from the Livestock Show. Limited class time is dedicated to record books. Therefore, students must complete their entries outside of class or at home. 

- All FFA students competing in the CFISD Livestock Show are recommended to purchase their own Official FFA Jacket. Students are required to be in "outdoor" Official Dress at the time they show their project for judging and during the premium and freezer sale or silent auction. The LSA Rule Book states specifications about Official Dress, and the Cypress Woods FFA Ag Teachers will ensure that all students know exactly what to wear at the livestock show. We will also help those who need to order a jacket. It is recommended to order your jacket by December at the latest. Please wait for further instructions to order your own Official FFA Jacket.  
- UIL No Pass No Play Guidelines are followed for the CFISD Livestock Show. Ineligibility to compete may result from failing grades and/or placement at an alternative learning campus. 

- Please read the highlights of significant changes made to the CFISD Livestock Show. CLICK HERE.

- Please check our Chapter Calendar regularly for due dates, prospect shows, clinics, etc. CLICK HERE.

Click on the animal species that you are interested in below for more information: 
(Entry fees/forms, important dates, draw/selection process, rules, past champions, etc.)


Non-Animal Divisions/Contests
There are other divisions/contests that do not require owning an animal project that FFA Members can participate in at the CFISD Livestock Show. Please inform the Cypress Woods Ag Teachers if you plan to participate in any of the non-animal divisions/contests. Click on the links below for more information.


***If you are interested in owning and raising an animal project for a major livestock show outside of the CFISD Livestock Show, please inform one of the Cypress Woods Ag Teachers so we can explain the process. Keep in mind that these projects can not be housed at any CFISD facility while CFISD animal projects are occupying the facility. CLICK HERE to learn more about the major livestock shows of Texas. 



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